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Pod Thermal


The goal of this project was to perform a detailed thermo-aerodynamic analysis of a pod generator, including consideration of the electric motor windings.


The study included the complete modeling of the engine, the support and the pod nacelle. The temperature fields on the rotor, stator and the entire system were calculated. In order to improve ventilation, dead zones have been mapped.


Numerical simulation allowed a decrease in the maximum temperature of the pod by 20%, thus ensuring compliance with the maximum temperatures not to be exceeded.

Wire Guard Lubrication


The challenge of the project was to ensure proper lubrication of new wire guards (seawater lubrication) on a ship’s propeller shaft.


The study consisted of a calculation of the water flow in the bearings, and a determination of the flow typology around the shaft and in the bearings. The main difficulty with this type of study lies in the difference in scales between the characteristic lengths.


The simulation highlighted the recirculation areas and optimized the design(position and number of holes) of the wire guards.

Ship’s Underwater Exhaust System


The objective of the project was to optimize the design of a deflector for an underwater diesel engine exhaust of a military ship (Corvette Baynunah).


In this study, a local depression zone had to be created for a given pressure range. It was also necessary to ensure that the exhaust gases were kept away from the propellers. For this project, two-phase and turbulent modeling was used, and waterline deformation was taken into account.


Even before the test bench was built, the simulation made it possible to anticipate and resolve non-conformities due to the increase in engine power. It was possible to adjust this during the digital test phase and thus validate the design of the test bench before it was put into service.

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