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Aerodynamic study of a Nephelometer


A nephelometer is a device for measuring the suspended particulate content of a medium. In particular, it is used during aeronautical flights to determine, in real time, the rate of water vapour in the ambient air.

The objective of this project was to minimize the risk of fouling of the optical measurement inside the nephelometer and thus to have a reliable measurement.


The study began by modelling the aircraft and part of the fuselage. The mesh used was the Bas-Reynolds (Y+ = 1). CFD calculations under flight conditions were then performed.



This study made it possible to characterize the flow of the Nephelometer, but also to determine the aerodynamic forces, coefficients and moments, as well as the air flows entering the internal cavities of the Nephelometer.

Geometrical optimizations have reduced the risk of soiling.

Aircraft Engine Test Bench


Whether for acceptance tests or maintenance tests, aircraft engine test benches are essential elements in aeronautics. The objective of the study was to anticipate the appearance of non-conformities due to the increase in power of the engines tested.


The engine speed was simulated at full load, and an ingestion vortex occurred. It was necessary to repeat the test after adding a flow conditioner. The addition of this conditioner made it possible toobtain the required homogeneity upstream of the compressor.


Even before the test bench was built, the simulation made it possible to anticipate and resolve non-conformities due to the increase in engine power. It was possible to adjust this during the digital test phase and thus validate the design of the test bench before it was put into service.

Thermomechanical analysis of fairing


The objective was to obtain a map of the stresses and displacements to which the various parts making up the aft section of an aircraft engine fairing are subjected.

Fairing Thermo-mechanical Analysis


This project consisted in defining the contact zones between the different parts, as well as the material properties, but also in mapping the temperature field resulting from an aerothermal CFD calculation over the entire engine. This study ended with a thermo-mechanical analysis.


The study made it possible to map the stresses and displacements due to the thermal expansion of the various parts. The customer was able to identify the areas most impacted by thermal expansion, and obtain a guarantee of the necessary clearances between the parts despite the expansions.

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